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"As a high school principal, I don't face a more complicated, or more charged issue, than substance use. Will has helped our community progress in facing, understanding and reducing it. He single-handedly rejuvenated our prevention program." 

"Will handles complex, sensitive issues with grace and expert knowledge. He has the uncanny ability to make himself approachable and engage varied audiences, from squirrelly fifteen year-olds, to nervous parents and skeptical faculty." - Head of Upper School

“I wish we had more time with Will because this was the first time I’ve felt comfortable talking about drugs.”     - 10th grade student

"He has the ability to make authentic connections with young people on their level allowing students to be open and honest with Will on a range of complex issues." - International School Administrator

“I’ve been really worried about my friends getting addicted to vaping and I feel like there are ways I can help them now.” - 11th grade student

“Before our Soundcheck class, half of our class was convinced that weed is not bad for you and not addictive. I think this helped us understand exactly how marijuana can affect us while our brains are still developing and that you can actually get addicted.” - 11th grade student

"Will's life story gives him immediate credibility with audiences. He genuinely is as he appears front of students. They sense that. They, like us as administrators, trust him." - High School Principal

"Integrity, empathy and thorough knowledge of substance abuse education are hallmarks of Will’s work with young people and in our community."  - Head of Secondary School


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