About Us

Our Approach

Soundcheck Prevention Network (SPN) applies Student-Centered and Insight-Driven methods to reduce unhealthy attitudes and decisions about substance use.


SPN develops strategies with each school that "front-load" student input to design school-specific curricula from the "inside out". When students feel heard, they gain ownership in their health and become active in their school’s prevention discussions.


Through a combination of qualitative assessments and brief, community-specific surveys, student insights will also be the mechanism for clarifying the roles that parents and other stakeholders have in strengthening the school community's  prevention network.

Our Sustainable approach is designed to empower students, parents, and schools to engage in ongoing communication.

Evidence shows that a sound network, or community, in which there is sustained and informed dialogue, positively influences the attitudes and choices young people make. 


SPN also addresses the critical need to increase parent participation and education.

We offer Flexible Services that address evolving student needs and can align with school schedules and resources.

Soundcheck evolves through our partnerships with schools, as well as through extensive and ongoing consultation and planning with school leaders, public health experts, and colleagues in the school-based prevention world.