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Soundcheck Prevention Network is a non-profit, substance misuse prevention organization. We help schools develop student-centered, customized programming to increase student wellbeing and prevent misuse of alcohol, nicotine and other drugs.

​Our Approach


We listen to the students to invite their influence and give them ownership in the prevention conversation​


We use survey and other insight gathering methods to evaluate a school's climate, identify community strengths and student needs, and to formulate customized curriculum and strategies


We build on the existing strengths of the community and apply strength-based principles to increase student and community health

Powered by Stories

We use story as a medium for change: young people are writing their stories and value those of their caretakers, teachers, mentors and peers. Our Prevention Specialists share their stories of addiction and recovery to bring prevention content to life in the classroom

Intentional and Sustaining

Prevention is an intentional, sustained practice that brings meaningful change to individual, community and cultural attitudes that shape our behaviors. We aspire to stay engaged over time


We use analytics tools to set goals, measures, baselines and targets based on regional, national and global benchmarks

“As a high school principal, I don't face a more complicated, or more charged issue, than substance use. Will has helped our community progress in facing, understanding and reducing it. He single-handedly rejuvenated our prevention program

— High School Principal

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Soundcheck exists to advance the wellbeing of young people. We believe that each community has the inherent strengths on which to build their health, and that student insights are a critical starting point for developing customized, long-term prevention strategies. To succeed we will need to rely on the strength of our network and the support of partner organizations and individuals like you! 

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Prevention Specialist & Founder, CEO


149 Courtland Ave #6
Asheville, NC 28801
Phone: 828-280-2079



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